Starting the process of divorce is stressful, emotional, and scary. After finding a great lawyer to take on your case, it’s important to make them knowledgeable about certain aspects of your life. You don’t want your attorney to be blind sighted with a major fact about your life, for example when you are in court. Here are a few things that might happen during your first meeting with your lawyer.

  1. Prepare questions. Prepare a list of questions you have about the process. This way you’ll be sure that all of your questions will be addressed and answered.
  2. Review divorce options. After your questions have been answered, your lawyer will typically run through the divorce options available to you.
  3. Attorney questions. Your attorney will most likely ask you a lot of questions. This is pertinent for them to begin your case. They need to learn as much as they can about your soon-to-be ex and children.
  4. Inform. It is important to inform your attorney of a few key aspects about your life. This includes: if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, significant criminal record, your financial situation, and your reported income for the last few years.
  5. Refer. Remember that your attorney is not your life coach or therapist. After speaking with you, he or she may refer you to other professionals who can better assist those needs. Divorce attorneys work with other professionals to ensure that their clients’ needs are addressed in the best way possible. Be sure to hire a tax advisor for financial related questions and a psychologist or therapist for personal reasons.

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