At some point after a divorce, you may find that your former spouse is getting serious with someone else. Perhaps the new significant other is hanging around with your children a lot more or they are planning a wedding. The adjustment might be tricky; after all, it is uncharted territory. You might be wondering how to communicate with your former spouse’s new significant other. Follow the pointers below and you’ll be on your way to healthy communication.

  1. They aren’t taking your place. One of the most common worries from divorced parents is that the new person involved with the other parent will take their place. It’s important to remember that they will never take your place. Your children recognize that you are their parent and no person in their lives will replace you.
  2. Don’t hate the new significant other right away. A common stereotype is the old spouse hating the new one. Step away from that stereotype and meet the new spouse with an open mind. Remember that you both fell in love with the same person, so you probably have a few things in common.
  3. Think about their feelings. Try to be the bigger person and realize that the new person must be feeling insecure, nervous, and wants to impress you and your children. They are walking in to an established family. Show a little compassion and try not to be too tough on them in the beginning. After all, they are trying to fit in and find their place too.

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