Remarriage after divorce can bring up a lot of emotions, especially if children are involved. The transition will be tougher for them than what you might think. There is no easy way to ensure that your children will be okay with your new family, however, these tips might help.

  1. Ask your new spouse to have a relationship with your children. In the beginning of your marriage, it is natural for your children and spouse to wonder what their role is in the new household. That’s why it is very important for your new spouse to have a relationship with your children before starting to discipline them. Encourage your spouse and children to do things together without you; this will help them form a bond.
  2. Move slowly. Understand that there will be a period of transition for everyone, especially if you are blending two families with children. Do not add new family rules in the beginning; it will only complicate matters further. Instead, keep old family rules and work toward gradually incorporating new ones.
  3. Don’t fight in front of your children. Children will take longer to adjust to the marriage if you are constantly fighting in front of them. Be aware of your surroundings when having an argument with your spouse and make sure that the children are not around.
  4. Be patient. You will never fully understand how difficult the transition is for your children. Try not to get upset with them if they are not adjusting as quickly as you had hoped. Instead, try to work with them to help them adjust.

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