Although summer is officially over, it’s never too early to consider creating a vacation plan as part of your custody agreement. Not including one in the agreement could lead to a stressful and confusing time for the adults and children involved. Here are 5 tips to plan your next vacation if you are divorced.

  1. Plan. A vacation schedule is often overlooked when negotiating a custody agreement. The first thing both parents should do when planning a vacation is come up with a schedule. Common times to go on vacations are winter, spring, and summer breaks. Shorter breaks, such as winter and spring, can cause conflict if both parents want to plan a vacation with the kids. If a vacation schedule is included in your custody agreement, be sure to notify your ex about your trip well in advance of the date you leave.
  2. Communicate. It’s important to communicate trip details with your ex. Inform the other person of your travel plans via text or email to have a written record of your notice to the other party.
  3. Don’t involve the kids. You should not get your kids involved in the behind-the-scenes process of planning the trip. They do not need to know the details about who paid for what. They only should know that both of their parents want them to have a great vacation and are excited to spend time with them.
  4. Create a checklist. Before the children go on a trip, it’s important that the parent taking them has copies of health insurance, immunization documentation, and a supply of any of the children’s regular medicines. It is important to provide the other parent with an itinerary of the trip so they can have peace of mind.
  5. Inform the children. After the plan is in motion, sit down with your children to go over the schedule. If it is the first year that your kids are going on a separate vacation, let them know that you are happy they can spend time with the other parent.

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