Teaneck Divorce Lawyer

Teaneck Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce in Teaneck, New Jersey, may make you anxious and stressed. It is true that the New Jersey divorce process can be complicated in some situations. However, working with an experienced Teaneck divorce lawyer can make the process a bit easier. 

At Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, our Teaneck divorce attorneys have more than 150 years of combined experience in family law matters. Each attorney on our staff has at least 20 years of individual experience helping clients with legal disputes. Our legal team is equipped and ready to help you with your divorce case.

We understand that you have concerns and questions. Our lawyers are here to address each of your concerns during a free consultation. Contact Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers at (201) 487-1199 to speak with an experienced Teaneck divorce lawyer in Teaneck, New Jersey.

How Our Teaneck Family Law Attorneys Help You Navigate Your Divorce 

How Our Teaneck Family Law Attorneys Help You Navigate Your Divorce

Even if you and your spouse agree on all divorce terms, it is best to have separate counsel. You never know when an issue may disrupt your peaceful divorce, so you need to be prepared to fight to protect your best interests. 

Our Teaneck divorce attorneys at Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers are fierce advocates for our clients. We are skilled negotiators who use divorce mediation to settle disputes whenever possible. However, we are prepared to take your case to court if that is the best way to achieve your desired outcome. 

Our lawyers have an AV Preeminent Rating with Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating available for professional excellence. We also have earned a five-star rating with Avvo. At Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, we put your needs first during all aspects of your divorce case.

When you hire our top-rated Teaneck divorce lawyers, you can count on us to:

  • Have an experienced divorce attorney meet with you for an initial consultation 
  • Listen to what you say to learn more about your situation 
  • Assist you in identifying your goals for a divorce 
  • Explain your legal rights and how New Jersey divorce laws impact your case
  • Advise you of alternative methods of settling a divorce, including collaborative divorce, mediation, and settlement negotiations
  • Handle all matters related to your case
  • Give you the information you need to make informed decisions at every stage of your case
  • Aggressively pursue a divorce settlement that is in line with your wishes 
  • Advocate for you in court when necessary 

Since 1994, Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers have provided sound legal advice and trusted counsel to clients and families throughout New Jersey. Call our office today to schedule your free case evaluation with an experienced divorce lawyer in Teaneck, NJ.

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Teaneck, NJ?

New Jersey has both fault and no-fault grounds for divorce. In a no-fault divorce, the spouses do not blame each other for the breakup of the marriage. Instead, the divorce is based on the spouses experiencing irreconcilable differences for six months

You can obtain a no-fault divorce even if your spouse objects, provided you meet the New Jersey residency requirements, you live separately for the required time, and you are certain there is no way to reconcile. 

Fault divorces require that you prove your spouse committed some type of wrongdoing that led to the breakup of the marriage. 

New Jersey has several fault grounds for divorce, including:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Incarceration
  • Habitual drunkenness 
  • Extreme cruelty 
  • Deviant sexual conduct
  • Institutionalization for mental illness
  • Voluntary addiction

Many fault-based divorces do not require a waiting period for the divorce. However, you must have sufficient evidence to convince a judge that your spouse is guilty of the grounds you allege in the divorce complaint.

Does New Jersey Have a Residency Requirement to Obtain a Divorce?

Most states have a residency requirement for obtaining a divorce through their courts. A residency requirement is the time you must live in the state before filing for divorce.

New Jersey’s residency requirement is one year. You or your spouse must have resided in New Jersey for at least one year before filing a divorce petition. However, if you are filing on the grounds of adultery, the residency requirement is waived if at least one spouse lives in New Jersey.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Options for a Teaneck Divorce Case

Our lawyers at Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers focus on resolving divorces as amicably as possible. Negotiating a divorce settlement can save couples time and money. Negotiated settlements are often better for all parties than allowing a judge to make decisions for your family.

Our Teaneck divorce lawyers have extensive experience in all forms of alternative dispute resolution, including:

Collaborative Divorce 

Our Teaneck collaborative divorce attorney helps you resolve divorce disputes through a non-adversarial proceeding. You, your spouse, and your respective attorneys meet to negotiate a divorce settlement.

When you agree to a collaborative divorce, you agree to make a good-faith attempt to resolve your disputes. You also agree not to take the divorce to court. If the process breaks down without a resolution, the spouses must hire new attorneys and begin the divorce process again.

Divorce Mediation 

We sit down with your spouse, their attorney, and a mediator to discuss compromises to resolve disputes. The mediator is a neutral third party who works with the spouses independently and together. The mediator helps the parties identify goals and find common ground to resolve disputes.  


Arbitration is more adversarial. However, the proceeding is more informal than court and does not have strict rules regarding evidence. 

A neutral third party, called an arbitrator, hears arguments and evidence from both sides. The arbitrator issues a decision that is final and binding on both spouses.

Divorce Litigation Lawyers in Teaneck, NJ

An uncontested divorce occurs when the parties agree on all divorce terms. They present a proposed divorce settlement to the court and ask the judge to grant the divorce. The judge incorporates the order into the final divorce decree.

However, the divorce is contested if the spouses disagree on even one issue. Alternative dispute resolution can often resolve a contested divorce. However, if settlement is impossible, the case proceeds to trial.

At Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, our divorce litigation attorneys have over 150 years of combined experience handling contested divorces. We have substantial courtroom experience. Our knowledge and experience help us to develop winning strategies for our clients.

Resolving Child Custody and Visitation in Teaneck Divorce Case

Child custody is among the most emotional and contested issues in a divorce case. Children rarely have a say in the final custody agreement. Therefore, the court ensures that child custody and visitation agreements are in the child’s best interest.

Our Teaneck child custody lawyers work with you to protect your parental rights. The courts prefer joint custody to allow the child to maintain a close relationship with each parent. We work with you to negotiate a parenting plan and time-sharing agreement that benefits everyone.

However, when there are concerns about a parent’s fitness to have custody or visitation, our attorneys will passionately and aggressively advocate for your child in court. We will fight to obtain a child custody order that protects your child. 

Property Division in a Teaneck Divorce Case

When spouses divorce, the marital assets are divided based on equitable distribution. Unlike a community property state, marital property does not need to be divided equally. A judge might decide that “fair” is something other than a 50/50 split.

Our Teaneck property division lawyers have experience handling disputed property division cases, including cases involving hidden assets, high-value assets, business interests, and disputes related to separate property. We work with leading experts, including appraisers, business evaluators, investigators, and forensic accountants, when necessary to protect your rights.

Domestic Support Obligations in a Teaneck Divorce Case

Child support and spousal support are forms of domestic support. A court may order a spouse to pay support payments during and after the divorce. 

New Jersey uses standard child support guidelines to calculate child support payments. However, judges can deviate from these figures for good cause. 

Alimony or spousal support can be ordered, but it is not guaranteed. The Alimony Bill enacted in 2014 gives judges, lawyers, and spouses guidelines to determine the duration and amount of alimony payments. 

Our Teaneck divorce lawyers thoroughly understand the laws governing child support and alimony in New Jersey. We fight to ensure you receive or pay a fair amount of support.

We Handle All Types of Divorce Matters 

At Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, our attorneys have extensive experience in divorce law. 

In addition to the above practice areas, our lawyers handle other divorce matters including, but not limited to:

We encourage you to meet with one of our Teaneck divorce attorneys for a free, confidential consultation. An experienced divorce lawyer will give you the advice and information you need to determine your next steps. 

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Teaneck Divorce Lawyers 

Going through a divorce in Teaneck, NJ, requires you to make tough decisions. Our attorneys at Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers are here to help you make sound decisions based on your and your child’s best interests. Call us to schedule your free case review with one of our Teaneck divorce attorneys.