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Whether you’ve decided to file for divorce, are fighting for custody of your kids, or are trying to navigate some other family law dispute, it is essential to have a knowledgeable and respected Bergen County divorce attorney standing beside you. Family law cases are inherently complex. The stakes are high, and there’s almost always some level of emotional distress or anguish involved. Make Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers your first call, and let our experienced New Jersey Divorce and Family Law attorneys help you fight to get the results you deserve.

At Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, our family law and divorce attorneys have 150+ years of combined experience helping clients and their families navigate these difficult situations. We are well known in the family law community for our candor and ability to achieve favorable results – both through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes and in the courtroom.

Contact our North Jersey law office to find out how our legal team can help you get through this challenging time in your life. Your first consultation is absolutely free, so don’t hesitate to call us today.

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From Our Clients

Marion Solomon, along with the attorneys and office personnel on her staff, did a terrific job of representing and supporting me in a recent divorce. She went above and beyond in her efforts to make it possible for me to pursue a fair and just outcome.

Marion and her staff gave me the very best in professional services, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of an expert in the field of Divorce and/or all of the motions/trials that may arise, afterwards.


Mitchell is smart, passionate, and an outstanding lawyer. He understands all sides of the law as do his associates at his firm. Both he and his firm are thorough and balanced in their approach, and understand when to litigate in court and when to negotiate outside the courtroom. Mitchell and his firm were pragmatic in their advice, passionate in their representation, and highly professional.


Marion represented me in a recent divorce. Although my wife picked a lawyer with an uncooperative and difficult personality, Marion handled it well, and came through with an outcome that was acceptable, which was the best that could be expected in this case. I recommend her highly.


Marion’s knowledge of the law and experience were exceptional. Her explanations of the law were straightforward and easy to understand; my questions were always answered. She was a true professional in every step of the way and highly committed to working with me. She promptly returned every call that I made and responded on a timely basis to every e-mail that I sent. She took a genuine interest in my situation and helped make the entire process much less stressful than it otherwise could have been.


Marion made the very difficult process of divorce easier to deal with. I hired Marion following having to fire my first attorney who was too passive and did not seem to have my best interest at heart. Although my case was not a big one, Marion made me feel like her most important client and we always seemed to be on the same page. Marion is very thorough and knowledgable and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a hardworking, trustworthy and honest attorney.


I hired Mr. Arons after being disappointed with a previous lawyer’s services. He is a very skilled communicator, efficient in keeping costs down, and helped me negotiate a settlement that was fair, that also protected my interests and priorities, while at the same time allowing me to maintain a respectful co-parenting relationship with my ex. Mr. Arons is not someone to hire if you want to go for the jugular, but he will work hard to give you a realistic assessment, make sure your interests are protected and that the outcome is equitable. He’s also just a very kind and interesting person.


Responsive, reasonable, and easy to work with. This firm helped me with multiple difficult issues. Highly recommended. Jennifer Bretz, Marion, office staff.


Jennifer Bretz Esq. is the rarest breed of lawyer one can find. At the time of my initial phone call, she understood where I was emotionally. Her skills as a listener, extraordinary compassion together with her legal expertise, helped me to feel comfortable from our first conversation. I am in a good place today in large part due to her help, support, and willingness to go the extra mile. Her objective ability to validate and not judge, helped me to feel safe in her presence almost instantly. It is her legal talents and her human kindness that helped me draw the line in the sand of my life and choose me and my health once again. Legal expertise CAN be blended with kindness and compassion, the name of that blend is Jennifer Bretz Esq. She was not the first divorce lawyer I interviewed… she most certainly was the last. My healing started to begin when I first spoke with Ms. Bretz. It was simultaneously both a wonderful and unexpected gift.


Marion. That’s the difference. She makes no promises. Doesn’t fill ya with false hope. KNOWS the matrimonial law and is very very skilled. She has an ability to keep clients in check with her calm demeanor but is a force to be reckoned with. I love her cause she treats me like family not a client and when your going through this it’s quite possibly the most important thing for a person Great staff Pat Burris is a great attorney that has worked on my case and Paula is an very polite and pleasant professional assistant. I recommend this firm highly!!!


Family Law Attorneys You Can Count On When Things Get Tough

At Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, we recognize that family law issues affect real people and their families. How a family law case unfolds and the results that are achieved will have long-lasting effects – especially if children are involved. As such, we make it a point to provide compassionate and approachable representation to the clients we represent. Our goal is to engage in the process amicably, though we will aggressively assert your rights and wishes, whenever necessary.

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Providing capable and trustworthy legal representation
to clients and their families since 1994.

Selective Caseload, Personal Attention

At Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, we’re selective in the cases we choose to take on. We limit the number of clients we represent at one time. Why? So that we can be certain that every case we handle benefits from the time and undivided attention it deserves. Our clients speak and work directly with lawyers from day one. This sets the stage for a successful attorney-client relationship and allows us to really dig into the details of each individual case.

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Spousal Support

Helping You Make the Tough Choices

As divorce and family law attorneys, it’s not our job to make decisions for our clients. These decisions are far too personal – and will likely affect you (and your family) for years to come. Rather, it’s our job to listen to what you want to achieve, gather relevant information, construct strong arguments to support your case, and advocate for you. When the time comes to make decisions related to your case, we’ll be there to help you make the best and most informed decisions possible.

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Striving to Achieve Amicable Resolutions to Familial Disputes

A divorce or custody battle can turn a family’s life upside down. The transition isn’t easy – and some handle it better than others. In turn, the legal processes involved can become fraught with animosity and tension. As divorce and family law lawyers, we strive to make things easier for you – not more difficult. So, we start with an approach that’s designed to secure an amicable resolution to your case. That doesn’t mean we won’t fight for you. Rest assured that we will represent you in the way that your case requires. 

Committed to Helping You

We Handle All Family Law Cases
in New Jersey

Since 1994, Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, has been providing top-quality legal representation to clients in all matters of matrimonial and family law disputes. Our attorneys, who collectively have 150+ years of experience, are skilled in all aspects of litigation, negotiation, collaborative divorce, mediation, and arbitration.

Our North Jersey law office regularly represents clients in family law cases involving:

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Getting a divorce is never easy – even if both spouses are (mostly) on the same page. New Jersey has strict rules and requirements that must be met before spouses can finalize a split, and having an attorney involved in the process can help to expedite the process and, contrary to popular belief, keep costs low. Our attorneys are prepared to help you work to negotiate an amicable split and will be more than ready to litigate your case before a judge, if necessary.

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child custody

Child Custody

There are a number of reasons a child custody dispute might arise – divorce, domestic violence, or concerns about a parent’s ability to care for a child. Whatever the reason, the goal should be to find a solution that’s in the child’s best interests. Unfortunately, there are times when the adults involved let emotions get in the way and they lose sight of that. Our attorneys are here to help you work to protect your child and fight to keep them safe.

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child support

Child Support

Parents share responsibility for providing for their children. This is pretty easy to do when parents are married and share their lives together. If parents aren’t together or split up, ensuring that both parents contribute to a child’s financial well-being can become problematic. That’s where child support can be instrumental. Our attorneys will help you fight to secure child support, enforce obligations, request a modification, or navigate any other issue related to a support order.

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spousal support


Spouses rarely have identical incomes. And, it’s important to factor in the value that a lesser-earning spouse provides during a marriage. Things like running a household, taking care of children, and supporting the other spouse’s educational and career pursuits are invaluable contributions. During and after a divorce, it can be challenging for the spouse who earns less money to find stability and move forward. This is where alimony is beneficial. Whether you need to request alimony or want to limit how much you’re obligated to pay, our family law attorneys can help.

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Property Division

When spouses split up, so do their assets and debts. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, which means that each spouse is entitled to a fair, not necessarily equal, share of the marital property. Our attorneys have the resources necessary to help you identify all assets. With the aid of experts, we can help you walk away with the property you want and ensure that the distribution is, in fact, equitable.


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Post-Divorce Issues

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, after a divorce, circumstances change. Maybe you need to relocate or have lost your job – which could easily affect your ability to comply with some of the terms of your divorce. When these post-divorce issues arise, it is possible to obtain modifications of orders. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling post-judgment modifications when the terms of a divorce aren’t suitable for our clients anymore.

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Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding contract between spouses – executed before marriage. Having a prenup allows partners to lay out the groundwork for certain aspects of a divorce, should their relationship not last the test of time. Negotiating a prenup can help you sidestep certain legal divorce requirements in NJ – which can help to save time and limit any hurdles that arise during the process. Our lawyers can help you devise a prenup that meets your needs.

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Mediation & Arbitration

Most divorces are contested, meaning that spouses aren’t in full agreement about how the terms of their split should be handled. Mediation and arbitration are great tools that can help spouses (a) save time and money and (b) resolve their dispute without ever setting foot in a courtroom. Both utilize a neutral third party. Mediation leaves the decision in your hands, while arbitration empowers someone else to make important decisions related to your divorce. Our attorneys can guide you through either process.

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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial process. You and your spouse commit to work out your differences and find common ground without taking your dispute to court. During the process, the team can count on experts (custody/parenting, valuation, etc.) to assist the parties in reaching a consensual agreement. Having our skilled attorneys in your corner can increase the odds of a successful collaborative divorce process.

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Award Winning Family Law Attorneys

Marion Solomon, Mitchell Arons, and the legal team at Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, fight passionately for clients every single day. This hard work, dedication, and ability to secure favorable outcomes in family law disputes hasn’t gone without notice.

Our attorneys have received several awards and recognitions, and have also held prestigious positions within the NJ family law community.

  • Martindale-Hubbell (AV) “preeminent” rating
  • Bar Register of Preeminent Women Lawyers
  • Bergen County’s “Top Lawyers” by (201) Magazine
  • “Master” in the New Jersey Family Law Inn of Court
  • Panel Chairs, Bergen County Early Settlement Panel
  • Co-founders of the Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey

You deserve to work with attorneys who not only appreciate the difficulty of the situation you’re in but who also know how to get you the results you deserve. Call Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers to discuss your legal case with our compassionate New Jersey divorce and family law attorneys today.

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Skilled in All Aspects of Matrimonial Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies

At Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, we have a comprehensive understanding of all of the legal tools available to help you navigate your family law dispute. When you come to us for help, the first thing we will do is listen. We want to hear the specific facts and circumstances of your case – because we know that every case is unique. In turn, every case requires its own plan and course of action. We’ll share our knowledge of the law with you, offer advice, counsel you as to the options available, and implement whatever legal strategies might be most beneficial to you as you work to move your life forward.

Helping Families in NJ Since 1994

When you find yourself in the middle of a family law dispute, you deserve to have a compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled lawyer fighting for you. At Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers, our New Jersey divorce & family law attorneys have 150 years of collective experience. In fact, no attorney at our North Jersey law firm has fewer than 20 years of family law experience under their belt.

Our law firm knows New Jersey family law inside and out. We’ve spent decades representing clients inside and outside of the courtroom – which means that we know the judges who will oversee your case and have established rapport with the attorneys who will be on the other side of the negotiating table. When you hire our team, you’ll directly benefit from our insight and experiences. We’re ready to help you fight for your family – all you have to do is call.

We offer a free initial case evaluation, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or using our online application today.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

Any time you begin a legal proceeding it’s important to give yourself every possible advantage. The easiest way to do that is by hiring an attorney to represent you and advocate for your interests. Collectively, our lawyers have more than a century and a half of experience navigating complex family law disputes in New Jersey. We know how to protect you and the strategies that will be most successful in getting you the results you deserve.

Do I Need to Hire a Big Firm?

Absolutely not. It’s not the size of the firm that matters – it’s the quality of the legal representation that’s provided to clients like you. It’s how you’re treated by your attorney and, at the end of the day, the results you get. Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers is a small “boutique” law firm. Our attorneys exclusively focus on matrimonial and family law disputes. We limit the number of cases we handle at one time. We provide highly-individualized and detailed legal services to our clients. And, while providing empathetic representation, we regularly help our clients win favorable outcomes and move forward with their lives.

Why Your Choice of Attorney Matters

You might think that any attorney will do if you’re getting a divorce or fighting for custody of your kids. However, that’s not necessarily true. Some law firms handle a variety of practice areas – ranging from criminal defense to personal injury to commercial litigation. Others only practice family law, but don’t limit the number of cases they handle at once. There are lawyers who limit their caseload but don’t have the best “bedside manner” with their clients.

Going through any family law dispute can be emotionally-taxing, stressful, and overwhelming. It’s important to work with an attorney who not only specializes in family law and will give your case the individualized attention it deserves, but who is also empathetic to what you’re going through. You’ll benefit from all of that – and more – when you choose the attorneys at Arons & Solomon Divorce Lawyers.

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