Division of Assets

Division of Assets

In many ways, divorce can be a time of loss. Former spouses depart on two separate paths, while pieces of their lives get tugged in both directions. So, who gets what?

Arons & Solomon puts clients first by listening to your concerns, learning your priorities, and creating a legal strategy to get you what’s important.

Our services include:

  • Analyzing financial records and identifying assets, including: retirement accounts, investments, real estate, business ownership interests and other high-value property subject to equitable distribution
  • Collaboration with forensic accountants and private investigators to expose the truth regarding hidden assets, employability, and business valuations
  • Demanding full financial disclosure from opposing parties
  • Disputes over individual vs. marital property
  • Generating creative options for settlement
  • Referrals to Certified Financial Planners® (CFP) to achieve long-term financial security

Arons & Solomon will help you move forward with the settlement and financial arrangement you deserve.

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