Child support is an important issue for many parents in New Jersey. This blog is dedicated to discussing the different aspects of child support, including what it covers, so you know where your money is going if you’re paying or how you can use it if you’re receiving it.

1. Basic Living Expenses

Child support payments in New Jersey are intended to cover a child’s basic living expenses, including housing, food, and clothing. These payments typically cover a wide range of essential expenses, such as rent or mortgage payments, utilities like electricity and water, and food costs. Child support isn’t intended to cover all of these expenses, just your child’s share.

In addition to housing costs, child support often covers the basic expenses of food and clothing. This can include funds for groceries as well as school lunches and after-school activities.

2. School and Extracurricular Activities

Child support payments are an important source of funding for a child’s educational needs, including extracurricular activities, daycare, after-school programs, and school supplies. These costs can add up quickly, and without adequate child support payments from the child’s non-custodial parent, a child’s needs may not be met.

A child might participate in after-school sports or clubs that require tuition fees or membership dues, and these costs can quickly become unaffordable if they are not shared by both of the child’s parents. Similarly, many schools offer transportation services to students who attend after-school programs or other activities, and child support payments may also cover this cost.

In addition to extracurricular activities, child support payments often cover the costs of daycare and after-school care. This is particularly important for working parents who need to leave their children in the care of others while they are at work.

3. Healthcare Needs

Child support payments in New Jersey help to cover the child’s healthcare needs, including medical care, medication, and other related expenses. These payments can be used to pay for insurance premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, as well as any additional costs associated with accessing healthcare services.

One of the primary benefits of child support payments is that they can help ensure that children have access to the medical care they need. This can include everything from regular check-ups and routine exams to more specialized treatments or procedures when needed.

Additionally, child support payments can help cover prescription medications and over-the-counter treatments for common childhood illnesses like colds or the flu. This ensures that children are able to stay healthy and get back on their feet quickly so they can continue enjoying their lives.

Speak With a Bergen County Family Law Attorney If You Have Questions Regarding Child Support

Child support is intended to help keep your child in the same situation as if you and your child’s other parent were together. If the other parent isn’t carrying their weight, you have options to hold them accountable. Speak with a trusted and experienced Bergen County child support lawyer immediately. 

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