Family Law and Divorce in New Jersey

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Articles September 11, 2018

Do I Have to Confront My Abuser to Receive Financial Support?

Survivors of domestic violence do not have to confront abusers or reveal address information to get alimony and child support. Make a plan that keeps you safe.


Articles September 6, 2018

Punishments for Hiding Assets in a New Jersey Divorce

If you lie to the courts and hide assets during a divorce, it will cost you. Here’s how.

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Articles August 28, 2018

Unmarried Custody Rights in New Jersey

Do New Jersey custody rules apply to unwed couples? Are fathers really at a disadvantage? Get the facts.

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Articles August 24, 2018

Help! My Ex is Hiding Assets, But Our Divorce is Finalized

Some practical tips on how to reopen a New Jersey divorce case in the event a spouse was hiding assets or committing other fraudulent activity.

Meet our new partner: Stephanie F. Lehman, Esq.

Articles August 21, 2018

Arons & Solomon Opens New York Practice, Brings on Stephanie Lehman, Esq. as Partner

Stephanie F. Lehman, Esq. brings decades of experience to the firm, along with an active family law practice in Midtown Manhattan.


Articles August 9, 2018

Who Keeps the Ring in a Broken Engagement?

When engaged couples split up before the knot is tied, who keeps the ring? The answer might surprise you.

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Articles July 24, 2018

How Do I Know if My Spouse is Hiding Assets During Divorce?

Here are 15 ways your spouse might be hiding assets, and what you can do about it.

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Articles July 18, 2018

Pet Custody in New Jersey: Who Gets the Dog?

Families take their “fur babies” very seriously. Know your rights.

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Articles July 13, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Common Law Marriage in New Jersey

If you are in a long-term unmarried relationship, protect your interests with these tips.

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Articles July 3, 2018

How to Enforce Child Support Payments in New Jersey

If your ex-spouse is accumulating a backlog of unpaid child support payments, the lawyers at Arons & Solomon can help.