Family Law and Divorce in New Jersey

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Articles November 6, 2018

How to Obtain a Restraining Order in New Jersey

Restraining orders (aka. protective orders) were created to protect victims of domestic violence in New Jersey. Learn how to protect yourself and children.

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Articles October 30, 2018

How Parental Relocation Affects Custody in New Jersey

Do not move your child without consulting a New Jersey divorce and custody lawyer.


Articles October 23, 2018

Millennials are Lowering the Divorce Rate, Study Says

The millennial generation is not recognized for its commitment to pretty much anything. Until now.


Articles October 16, 2018

Facing False Allegations of Domestic Abuse? Stop Everything and Do This

Time to seek the advice of legal counsel, specifically a New Jersey divorce and custody lawyer.

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Articles October 9, 2018

Are Video Games Like Fortnite Really Causing Divorce?

According to a UK divorce website, more than 200 divorce petitions have been filed citing addiction to Fortnite and other online games in 2018.


Articles September 25, 2018

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Articles September 18, 2018

What to Expect at an Early Settlement Panel

If used correctly, this New Jersey program may save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees.

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Articles September 11, 2018

Do I Have to Confront My Abuser to Receive Financial Support?

Survivors of domestic violence do not have to confront abusers or reveal address information to get alimony and child support. Make a plan that keeps you safe.


Articles September 6, 2018

Punishments for Hiding Assets in a New Jersey Divorce

If you lie to the courts and hide assets during a divorce, it will cost you. Here’s how.

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Articles August 28, 2018

Unmarried Custody Rights in New Jersey

Do New Jersey custody rules apply to unwed couples? Are fathers really at a disadvantage? Get the facts.