Did you know that there are certain factors that impact your chance of divorce? What if you knew which factors predict divorce? How long you dated pre-marriage to engagement rings to wedding size to honeymoons all have the potential to affect your marriage.

There is no true equation that predicts divorce. As with any research, couples and their circumstances vary. Researchers at Emory University, Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon studied 3,000 married couples in the U.S. to try to determine what factors predicted divorce. Below are some significant findings revealed through their research:

  • How long did you date before the proposal? Francis and Mialon’s research revealed that couples that dated for at least three years were 39% less likely to get divorced. Couples that dated for less than a year showed a significant increase in the divorce rate.
  • What is your annual household income? It is no surprise that money is one of the top reasons married couples fight. Couples that have a combined household income over $125,000 are 51% less likely to get divorced.
  • Do you attend religious ceremonies? Couples who attend religious ceremonies together regularly are 46% less likely to get divorced. This is compared to couples that sometimes attend religious ceremonies that are 10% more likely to get divorced.
  • Were looks and wealth a deciding factor? People that reported they got married based on their partner’s wealth and looks were 18% and 40% more likely to get divorced.
  • How many people attended your wedding and how much did it cost? If you had over 200 people attend your wedding, Francis and Mialon found that you are 92% less likely to get divorced. However, you don’t want to spend more than $20k as that shows you will be 46% more likely to get divorced. If you spend less than $1k you are 53% less likely to get divorced.
  • Did you go on a honeymoon? If you and your spouse went on a honeymoon, the study found that you would be 41% less likely to get divorced.

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