Family Law and Divorce in New Jersey

mediation vs arbitration

Articles November 14, 2017

Mediation vs. Arbitration: What’s the Difference?

Mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce are more private, more flexible, and often less expensive than litigation. Which one is right for you?

Girl thinking stock photo

Articles November 10, 2017

Taking Control Over Your Divorce

The traditional divorce litigation process doesn’t work for everyone. Take control over your family’s future with Collaborative Divorce.

child support

Articles November 7, 2017

NJ Child Support: What If My Income Is Over the Cap?

If your combined net income exceeds $187,200/year, the NJ Child Support Guidelines no longer apply to your case. What happens now?


Articles October 26, 2017

How Does New Jersey Calculate Child Support?

Children should never be the economic victims of a divorce. Here are some factors that will determine your child support arrangement.

social media

Articles October 23, 2017

5 Ways Social Media Can Hurt Your New Jersey Divorce

If you post it, divorce lawyers will find it. Avoid these five ways social media can sabotage your divorce settlement.

father and daughter

Articles October 10, 2017

9 Must-Know Tips for Men Getting Divorced

Divorce doesn’t always advantage the female partner. A balanced settlement is possible. Follow these must-know tips for men in all stages of divorce.


Articles October 6, 2017

Filing for Divorce? You Need to Do This First

Divorce starts way before the paperwork is filed. Consider these important factors before you make any big changes.

what to bring to a divorce consultation

Articles September 21, 2017

What Do I Bring to a Divorce Consultation?

Make the most of your first meeting with a divorce attorney with this comprehensive list.


Articles September 18, 2017

New Jersey Divorce: How to Make a Parenting Plan

A Parenting Plan is required to finalize a divorce in the State of New Jersey. Here’s what you need to know before you file.

Marion Solomon

Articles September 6, 2017

Marion Solomon Joins the FLEC Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association

The Arons & Solomon team is pleased to announce that Marion Solomon, Esq. has joined the Family Law Section Executive Committee of the New Jersey State Bar Association (FLEC).