A divorce is final in New Jersey when a judge signs a divorce judgment and the clerk files the judgment with the court. Both parties will receive copies of the divorce decree. At that point, you can say that you are legally divorced. 

What is a Divorce Judgment?

A divorce judgment is a final order by the court. It outlines the decisions made in the divorce action. 

Issues in a divorce could include:

If you and your spouse agreed to divorce terms before filing the divorce petition, the settlement agreement might be incorporated into the divorce decree or attached to the final order. A parenting agreement may also be attached to the final order. The parenting agreement includes visitation and other terms of custody.

Matters to Address After Your Divorce is Final

When you receive your final divorce decree from the court, there are several matters that you need to address. For example, women who want to revert to their maiden name need to obtain a new Social Security card, driver’s license, and passport. You may need several certified copies of your divorce decree to complete the process.

If you have joint accounts with your ex-spouse, you need to close or transfer those accounts, according to the terms in the divorce decree or settlement agreement. That includes financial accounts. Remove your ex-spouse from any joint credit card accounts or other lines of credit.

You also need to review your beneficiary designations. Beneficiary designations would include life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other financial accounts. Also, it is a good idea to meet with an estate lawyer to revise your Will and estate documents, including revoking powers of attorney and health care directives. 

Do not forget to transfer the titles to vehicles and real estate that the court awarded you. Failing to take care of these matters promptly could cause problems and delays when you sell your car or home in the future. 

How Long Does a Divorce Take in Bergen County, NJ?

Typically, the soonest you can finalize an uncontested divorce is three to six months after filing for divorce. However, that is only possible if you have no issues to resolve or have already resolved the issues before filing the divorce petition.

However, there are time restrictions for residency and divorce grounds. The residency requirement for a New Jersey divorce is one year. You or your spouse must have resided in New Jersey for 12 months to file for divorce. 

If your divorce is based on continuous separation, you and your spouse must have lived apart for at least 18 months before filing a no-fault divorce action. However, most couples now use irreconcilable differences as a ground for divorce because the waiting period is shorter. 

The length of time to finalize a divorce depends on the facts and circumstances of your case. Litigated divorces can take more than a year to resolve. However, it could take much longer to receive a final divorce decree. Prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements can help you avoid litigation because these agreements resolve divorce issues.

Uncontested and collaborative divorces generally take much less time to finalize than a litigated divorce. A Bergen County divorce lawyer can help you explore options for mediation, arbitration, and settlement negotiations to reduce the time it takes to obtain a divorce in New Jersey.

How Can You Shorten the Time it Takes to Finalize Your Divorce in New Jersey?

You cannot change the residency or time requirements set by law to make a divorce final. However, you can do other things that speed up the time it takes to obtain a final divorce decree in New Jersey.

You should meet with a Bergen County divorce lawyer as soon as you begin to consider divorce. An attorney will explain your options and advise you of the quickest way to obtain a divorce in your situation.

Be willing to compromise on divorce terms. Carefully consider what you want to prioritize and the terms you are willing to accept. Knowing what you want and what you can live with can speed up settlement negotiations. 

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