The first Monday of every New Year is referred to as “Divorce Monday” in New Jersey and nation-wide.

On Divorce Monday and throughout the entire month of January, there is a surge in divorce filings that keep family attorneys, like us throughout the country busy once the holidays have passed. The annual spike in divorce filings is usually about 1/3rd more than during “regular” months throughout the year. Typically the surge lasts until March, rounding out the first quarter of the year with the highest number of filings for divorce.

The trend of high filing divorces in the first quarter is not uncommon in other countries. In the U.K. 1 in 5 couples file for divorce after the holidays. For January 2015, divorce rates are expected up 27% as compared to an average month.

Let’s talk about some reasons why this is the case.

The major reason that couples tend to file for divorce in January is that during the holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years), families are reluctant to break up. Serving your spouse divorce papers on Christmas Eve isn’t the greatest way to spread holiday cheer. There is not much time between Thanksgiving and New Years to find finding a good divorce lawyer, like Arons and Solomon Divorce Lawyers. During the holiday season, there is about three weeks of court time available and it’s difficult to get before a Judge.

Most people stay together through the holidays for their children. They try to have one more holiday together as a family before the planned split in the New Year. This is sometimes referred to as “New Year’s Resolution Syndrome.” People often look back at the past year and make decisions about their lives, causing the surge in divorce filings in the New Year. Divorce is tough enough to handle on it’s own, let alone during the holiday season.

There is no “right time” to start a divorce; waiting until all of the holiday frenzy has eased tends to be the common denominator for most couples. If you have waited until now to file for divorce, we suggest that you contact us first and we can talk through your situation. Once we understand your needs, the attorneys at Arons and Solomon Divorce Lawyers will discuss with you all of the options you have available.

Arons and Solomon Divorce Lawyers has the best mediation attorneys in New Jersey and can offer alternatives such as mediation, negotiation or collaborative law, as well as traditional divorce litigation. If you aren’t sure about the approach you should speak with us so we can help you decide the best option for you.

Should it be the best option, our top-notch lawyers can help you divorce amicably and at a fair rate that will not leave you or your spouse in a financial bind.

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