Exposing a narcissist can be a challenging task. Waging a custody battle with a narcissist can be even more overwhelming. However, you can learn how to expose a narcissist with the help of an experienced family law attorney. 

Narcissist Divorce Tactics – How to Prove a Narcissistic Father is Lying

If you live with a narcissist, you know they are talented and charming manipulators. They are also consumed with themselves. Learning how to expose your partner’s narcissism begins with understanding more about narcissistic personalities.

Narcissists are consumed with their self-worth. However, their self-worth is often inflated and based on exaggerated accomplishments and talents. A narcissist believes they never make mistakes, which can work in your favor when trying to figure out how to get child custody from a narcissist. 

People with narcissistic personalities love to brag about themselves. They monopolize conversations and inflate their knowledge, achievements, talents, and skills. When you consider how to win a custody battle against a narcissist, keep in mind that the more your spouse brags about themselves on the stand, the more opportunity you have to discredit what they say.

Getting a narcissist to reveal themselves in court may be as easy as allowing them to talk about what a great parent they are to their children. Let them talk about how they spend time with the children doing homework, taking them to practice, and riding bicycles. On cross-examination, a custody lawyer can confront the narcissist with dates, times, and places.

If a narcissistic parent claims to be involved in the child’s life, an attorney asks about specific times when the parent did not show up for visitation,  how many games the parent missed, or how many school functions the parent skipped. When faced with facts, a narcissist may become angry. 

A narcissist is arrogant. They look down on other people and require constant or excessive admiration. They are jealous of people they perceive to have more authority, wealth, or talent than they possess. 

Therefore, a narcissistic spouse will not want to be exposed in front of a judge. When confronted with facts, the person will likely allow their true nature to come out. A judge can see firsthand the combative, abusive, and controlling nature of the narcissistic parent. 

How to Get Children Away from a Narcissistic Ex?

It can be difficult to get children away from a narcissistic parent. Children may not recognize the undesirable personality traits of a narcissist. A parent can manipulate a child with gifts and privileges. 

The first step is to locate a family law attorney who understands narcissistic personality disorder. An attorney can help you locate counselors and therapists who understand the disorder and how to expose a narcissistic parent in court. They also know what happens when a narcissist loses in court and how to prepare you for the consequences. 

You should keep a detailed journal of all missed visitation, school functions, and extracurricular activities. Do not allow your ex-partner to bait you into arguing with them. They may be recording the conversation. 

A narcissist will take every opportunity to make you appear to be an unstable parent. You need to appear calm and stable during all court appearances, counseling sessions, and mediations. Allow your attorney to respond to any statements made by your ex-partner.

It is also helpful to have witnesses testify about your ex-spouse’s behavior. Invite family members and friends to your child’s activities. They can testify when your spouse does not show up. Have witnesses with you whenever you encounter your spouse in person, if possible.

Make a list of all teachers, coaches, and other parents for your attorney to speak with about the case. Testimony from family and friends can be helpful. However, testimony from individuals who are not related to you or have a “stake” in the case’s outcome can be even more powerful.

Never discuss your spouse in front of your children. Do not criticize your spouse to your children. Trying to sway your children’s feelings about their other parent can backfire on you in court or counseling. Your children may say that you are the parent trying to manipulate them. 

How to Divorce a Narcissist and Win

Seek assistance from professionals who understand how to deal with a narcissist. Contact a divorce lawyer as soon as possible, and seek out counselors and therapists. 

Fighting a narcissist in family court is not a battle you want to fight alone. Having a team of professionals on your side can help you beat a narcissist in family court. 

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