So you–or your spouse–have decided to get a divorce. Making the decision to get divorced is often a difficult one, and it can take a long time to arrive at that decision. But while you may already have come to terms with the emotional side of your decision to get a divorce, the legal and financial sides of your divorce may take even longer. 

There is no waiting period to obtain a divorce in New Jersey. That means, in theory, a court could grant your divorce as soon as all the proper paperwork is filed. However, in other cases, it could take several months or longer to obtain a divorce in Bergen County, New Jersey, after the initial paperwork is filed.

What Can Slow Down My Divorce Case in New Jersey?

Two main factors can slow down your divorce case: the complexity of the issues and the degree of conflict between the parties.

Complexity of the Issues

The complexity of the issues in your divorce may determine how long your case takes. Issues surrounding minor children, the types of assets and marital property, and the parties’ financial affairs can all make a family law case take longer. If your case has many of these issues, then it may take longer than a family law case that does not involve similar circumstances.

For example, if you and your spouse have minor children, then you will have to make decisions about custody, visitation, how to share costs, and whether one party has to pay child support  – and how much. Some couples are able to agree on these issues, but often they have to be addressed by lawyers, negotiated by mediators, or decided by the judge. 

Another issue that can make a divorce more complex is the types of assets owned by the parties. One of the most common assets in a divorce proceeding is the marital home. The parties, or maybe the court, will have to decide if one of the parties gets to keep the home or if it will be sold and the profits split fairly. The parties may also own vehicles, furniture, savings accounts, or other items of value that need to be distributed.

Further, whether you and your spouse have complex or fairly straightforward financial affairs, you will both usually have to provide documentation about your finances. This can stir up strong emotions in some people, and sometimes one party may stall or even refuse to turn over certain documents. The longer it takes to collect the proper documentation from each party, the longer it can take for the family law case to be resolved. 

Degree of Conflict Between the Parties

Let’s face it. If you’re getting a divorce, there’s a good chance that you and your spouse don’t see eye to eye on some things. If you and your spouse are able to compromise on issues like custody, child support, dividing assets, and other issues, then your family law case will go much more quickly. 

However, if you can’t agree on things, then it may be up to the lawyers, mediators, and the court to help make certain decisions. This can take time and will add to how long it takes to resolve your family law case.

What Can Speed Up My Divorce Case in New Jersey?

A key factor in speeding up a family law case in Bergen County, New Jersey, is the ability of the parties to work together and compromise. If the parties can agree on issues like custody, child support, and the division of assets, it can greatly reduce the time a family law case takes. 
Another way to speed up the process is to contact a local attorney or law firm that has experience handling divorces in New Jersey. This will ensure that the correct paperwork is filed in a timely manner, and it will help guide you through the process.

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