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male couple with kids

Articles June 19, 2019

Custody Rights for LGBTQ Divorce in New Jersey

Custody gets complicated when it involves adoption or assisted reproduction.

mom on phone and daughter

Articles June 10, 2019

5 Helpful Apps and Software for Divorced Parents

These apps help divorced parents share information without the drama.

woman alone on holidays

Articles November 27, 2018

Can My Ex Take the Kids for the Holidays Without My Permission?

In New Jersey, the answer depends on where you are in the divorce process.

daughter at christmas

Articles November 20, 2018

A Guide to Holiday Custody for Unmarried Parents in New Jersey

A holiday visitation schedule gives children stability in a new family dynamic.

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Articles October 30, 2018

How Parental Relocation Affects Custody in New Jersey

Do not move your child without consulting a New Jersey divorce and custody lawyer.

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Articles August 28, 2018

Unmarried Custody Rights in New Jersey

Do New Jersey custody rules apply to unwed couples? Are fathers really at a disadvantage? Get the facts.

child evaluation

Articles April 25, 2018

What to Expect When New Jersey Family Court Orders a Custody Evaluation

A custody evaluation may be ordered by the New Jersey courts if mediation fails, or parents can’t make a plan on their own. Here’s what you need to know.

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Articles April 14, 2018

What Constitutes the “Best Interest of the Child” in New Jersey?

The phrase “best interest of the child” is mentioned all the time in divorce law, but what does it mean? Here’s what you need to know.

parental kidnapping

Articles March 21, 2018

Does New Jersey Have “Parental Kidnapping” Laws?

Kidnapping is kidnapping, regardless of the offender’s relationship to the child. Always seek legal counsel before making any major custody decisions.


Articles February 23, 2018

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in New Jersey?

Divorce holds consequences for the entire family, not just parents and children. Fortunately, grandparents have options.