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Articles January 15, 2019

Issues Surrounding High Net Worth Divorce

Practical considerations for a divorcing couple with liquid assets exceeding $1 million.

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Articles September 11, 2018

Do I Have to Confront My Abuser to Receive Financial Support?

Survivors of domestic violence do not have to confront abusers or reveal address information to get alimony and child support. Make a plan that keeps you safe.

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Articles July 3, 2018

How to Enforce Child Support Payments in New Jersey

If your ex-spouse is accumulating a backlog of unpaid child support payments, the lawyers at Arons & Solomon can help.

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Articles November 7, 2017

NJ Child Support: What If My Income Is Over the Cap?

If your combined net income exceeds $187,200/year, the NJ Child Support Guidelines no longer apply to your case. What happens now?


Articles October 26, 2017

How Does New Jersey Calculate Child Support?

Children should never be the economic victims of a divorce. Here are some factors that will determine your child support arrangement.