Negotiation, Arbitration and Mediation

Negotiation, Arbitration and Mediation

Most of the time, divorce cases can be resolved using direct negotiation. Mediation and arbitration are more private, more flexible, and often less expensive than litigation.

When families can resolve issues outside of court, it allows them to end conflict quickly while maintaining more control over the process. With a negotiation, mediation, or arbitration approach, personal schedules are not subject to the whims of shifting court dates. Both parties choose the arbitrator/mediator, and agree on the procedural ground rules.

Mediation and arbitration are ideal for complicated cases with a lot of moving parts. Arbitration is legally binding, while mediation is not.

Every lawyer at Arons & Solomon has over a decade of experience in negotiation, mediation and arbitration. We can help you identify all the issues of your case, and determine what combination of approaches works best for your needs.

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