You don’t always have to go to court to have a successful divorce. But sometimes, you do.

Divorce can disrupt your entire world. The reality is, some people handle that transition better than others.

If your conflict resolution efforts become one-sided, the litigators at Arons & Solomon can be as cooperative or assertive as the case requires.

Every lawyer at our award-winning firm holds over a decade of experience in New Jersey divorce litigation. Firm partners Mitchell Arons and Marion Solomon are among the most established and respected names in the northern New Jersey family law community.

Some law firms unnecessarily push toward litigation to rack up hourly fees. We don’t. When families can resolve issues without getting the courts involved, it allows them to maintain control over the process and end conflicts quickly.

Arons & Solomon can help you identify the issues of your case, and determine what combination of approaches works best for your needs.

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