Alimony and Child Support

Alimony and Child Support

A variety of factors determine the necessity of child support and alimony payments, including: the custody arrangement, ability to earn, asset portfolio, and current income of both parents.

Alimony and child support arrangements are legally binding, but often subject to change. Child support can be modified based on changes in a parent’s ability to provide support, or changes in the needs of the child.

If a change in life circumstance affects your ability to make or receive payments (i.e., job loss, health event, cost of living increase, cohabitation, remarriage etc.), we can help.

Can the courts change your child support arrangement without you knowing? The courts can technically increase child support payments without consent, but you must know about it beforehand. If the court is monitoring your child support payments, you will be mailed correspondence regarding a child support modification hearing. If you take no action or fail to appear for a hearing, the courts may adjust the payments without your consent.

If one parent refuses to pay child support: By statute, the State of New Jersey can take child support payments directly out of a parent’s paycheck, and send it to the person entitled to receive support on behalf of the child.

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