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Divorce Case Info Statement

Articles July 28, 2016

Divorce Case Information Statement

What is a Case Information Statement? The completion and filing of a Case Information Statement (CIS) is required in all contested divorce actions where equitable distribution, custody, alimony, or child support is at issue in the case. There are also other family actions where a CIS may be required by Court Order, Court Rules or […]

Domestic Violence

Articles July 27, 2016

Arons & Solomon — Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Domestic violence is demoralizing due to its emotional, physical, and social implications. Women are often the victims of this type of violence, incurring more injuries from domestic violence than from rape, mugging, and traffic accidents.[1] Most startling is the fact that children are also victims of abuse in approximately half of families where […]

Divorce in NJ

Articles July 22, 2016

Filing for Divorce in New Jersey: What You Should Know

Filing for Divorce in New Jersey One interesting fact about New Jersey is that it has the lowest rate of divorce among all 50 states when calculating the percentage of residents who are 18 years or older. A total of 9 percent of New Jersey adults are divorced. These results are based on there being […]