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Articles August 12, 2014

Rate Of Older Divorce Skyrocketing in NJ

NJ divorce rate of older couples is on the rise. In a landmark study of U.S. Census data, two sociologists have found that the rate of American divorce among older couples has risen sharply and will likely continue to accelerate. Speculation abounds about the reasons for this phenomenon and family law attorneys must prepare older […]

Articles August 12, 2014

NJ Family Law: The Option Of Collaborative Divorce

What is Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey? If you are considering divorce in New Jersey, collaborative divorce is a relatively recent alternative dispute resolution method that provides a new alternative to the traditional adversarial divorce model. While the traditional method – or the other ADR methods of mediation or arbitration – work for many divorcing […]

Articles August 12, 2014

NJ Child Relocation: What You Need To Know

What happens when only one parent wants to move? Here’s what you need to know about child relocation in New Jersey. Under New Jersey law, there are strict limitations as to when a custodial parent is permitted to relocate with a child outside the state. In fact, statutory law expressly dictates that a custodial parent […]