Resolving Problems After Divorce

Divorce Modifications Lawyers in Bergen & Morris County, NJ

Divorce is a major life transition that often brings a range of financial challenges as well as emotional ones. Court orders for child custody and parenting time, child support and spousal support, if any, represent a snapshot in time. When circumstances change significantly afterward, due to a job loss or change, increased needs for support of children, or other factors, it may be necessary to promptly petition the appropriate Court for a modification.

At Arons & Solomon, P.A., we advocate assertively for our clients’ personal and financial interests in divorce. We also pursue post-judgment modifications and guide people through the legal processes associated with other complex post-divorce concerns. If you need counsel from an experienced Bergen County divorce attorney for post judgment modifications, our firm can help.

Knowledgeable Northern New Jersey Attorneys – Child Custody Modification

Obtaining a modification of in the custody of a child in New Jersey requires proof that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. Our lawyers’ decades of experience enables us to readily evaluate your situation against the necessary burden of proof. We know how our area Courts and officials make decisions on:

Financial Changes or Serious Parenting Concerns After Divorce?

If you have family support payments you cannot make or a problem involving your children is escalating, prompt action can be critical. The legal process may be more straightforward than you think, and we have the knowledge and experience to handle any problems that arise.

We will empathize with your unique situation and help you explore all available legal options. For a consultation, contact us by telephone or e-mail today.