Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Bergen & Morris County, NJ

Any active divorce and matrimonial law attorney must be prepared to act decisively and efficiently on matters of domestic violence. Beyond the clear risks involved with any form of domestic abuse and the criminal consequences that may pertain, critical child custody matters and other outcomes of divorce must often be considered.

Action-Oriented Representation in All Matters of Alleged Domestic Abuse

Your safety and family well-being will come first at our long-standing, respected law firm. At Arons & Solomon, P.A., a dedicated team of lawyers can counsel and represent you throughout any domestic violence proceedings, including:

  • Prompt, effective action to obtain temporary or final restraining orders essential to our clients’ and all children’s security
  • Assertive, fact-based defense against false or overstated allegations of spousal abuse or other family violence, sometimes motivated by a desire for revenge or leverage in divorce
  • Focused, comprehensive divorce and child custody representation if needed, with full attention to critical matters such as any history of family violence, substance abuse or mental health problems

Serving Northern New Jersey · Attorneys for Restraining Orders and Custody Advocacy

Our experienced Morris County and Bergen County domestic violence attorneys take a balanced, strategic approach to each case, emphasizing practical solutions through negotiation if possible. However, at our firm you always have the strength of a proven trial litigator prepared to go the distance to protect your interests.

Fast action is essential if you have been subjected to abuse. If you have been served with a restraining order or face domestic violence allegations, your freedoms and future are on the line. For a consultation with a dedicated lawyer, contact us now.