Domestic Partnerships/Civil Unions

Domestic Partnerships Lawyers in Bergen & Morris County, NJ

Domestic partners who decide to dissolve their civil unions face many, if not all, of the same challenges as divorcing couples. Child custody, asset division, spousal support and other complex issues can be contested, and your personal and financial future may rest on your decision to work closely with an experienced Bergen County domestic partnerships attorney.

Our collaborative team of lawyers has decades of experience across the spectrum of New Jersey matrimonial and family matters. We pursue all viable approaches to fair resolution based on each client’s needs and goals, including collaborative law, mediation or arbitration and litigation. We welcome people from all backgrounds and faithfully represent people in the lesbian and gay communities.

Current, In-Depth Knowledge of Domestic Partnership Issues

Since the legalization of civil unions in New Jersey in 2007, laws and case precedents in this complex area have continued to evolve. At Arons & Solomon, P.A., we have in-depth knowledge of domestic partners’ rights, as well as the strategies and venues best for obtaining fair and just outcomes. We are prepared to deal with complex, intensely contested financial matters including disputes about the length of the partnership and commingling of property.

Founded in 1995, our firm is widely respected in legal circles and the greater community. Domestic matters are the sole focus of our professional efforts, with each attorney bringing between 12 years and 25-plus years of intensive experience to the cases we handle.

Do You Need a Skilled, Caring Northern New Jersey Civil Unions Attorney?

We offer comprehensive legal guidance and compassion for our clients’ emotional challenges. Whether you are targeting a quick, straightforward dissolution of your civil union or believe key issues may be disputed, please contact us for a consultation.