Divorce, Arbitration, Mediation and Collaborative Practice Lawyers in Bergen & Morris County, NJ

Collaborative Practice, Mediation and arbitration are alternate paths to resolution in New Jersey divorce cases. When the parties have differing views on child custody, asset division, spousal support or other essential issues, it is essential to work with an attorney equipped to pursue the most efficient, expeditious process available to obtain a fair settlement.

Experience in All Approaches to Divorce and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our firm is prepared to handle all aspects of New Jersey divorce settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration, high conflict, or litigation. Our six dedicated divorce attorneys’ experience extends across the spectrum from the practice of collaborative law to high conflict, intensive, high-stakes trial litigation. Several are certified divorce mediators.

We are committed to understanding client goals and achieving positive results. Meeting clients at offices in both Morris County and Bergen County, attorneys at our firm find that many couples are better able to reach compromise solutions in the presence of a neutral mediator with their attorneys present. Entering mediation with the sincere intent of resolving disputes can prevent costly, draining divorce litigation and reduce the emotional strain on an entire family.

Do You Need an Experienced New Jersey Family Law Arbitration Attorney?

For reasons including the desire to keep financial records private, controlling timing and process, and selecting a qualified arbitrator to serve as the decision maker, New Jersey couples may seek to resolve their divorces through arbitration. This requires agreement on a divorce arbitrator, and both parties should have highly experienced legal counsel. Arbitration can accelerate the process of reaching resolution and have substantial cost benefits over full-blown divorce litigation.

We work to thoroughly understand each client’s challenges and propose the right legal venue given that person’s family and individual goals. Applying many decades of experience and a team approach, our lawyers are prepared to guide you attentively through mediation, arbitration and all other steps in the legal process.

Turn to Our Firm for Balanced, Experienced Divorce Counsel

To discuss your concerns and priorities in divorce with an attorney who will prioritize finding the best path to favorable resolution, schedule a consultation in Hackensack or Florham Park today.