Division of Assets

Division of Assets Lawyers in Bergen & Morris County, NJ

Aside from resolving any dispute over child custody, negotiating an equitable distribution of assets is often the most challenging aspect of a divorce. Both parties must look out for their own financial futures in this time of sweeping change. However, unreasonable demands and refusals to fairly compromise can add serious cost and complexity to the entire process.

Legal knowledge, facts and documentation are essential for defending your financial interests in a contested divorce. At Arons & Solomon, P.A., we exercise diligence in investigating and valuing assets, demanding full financial disclosure from opposing parties, analyzing financial records and asserting our clients’ positions. We often work with forensic accountants and private investigators to expose the truth and maximize our clients’ financial outcomes.

Decades of Experience Handling Financially Complex, High-Asset Divorces

For some divorcing couples, equitable distribution may focus primarily on the family home and any equity in it, vehicles, bank accounts and other basic personal property. Our firm is a proven resource for negotiation of fair settlements in relatively straightforward cases, but our experienced lawyers also have the financial acumen and case-building skills to address complexities involving:

  • Business ownership, stakeholder interests in companies and professional practice valuations
  • Disputes over individual vs. marital property
  • Allegations that either party is hiding income or assets, calling for resourceful investigation and forensic accounting efforts
  • The need for creative, fair financial exchanges such as lump-sum settlements in lieu of spousal support or a shared business interest

Consult a Proven Attorney Serving Clients Throughout Northern New Jersey

Maintaining offices in Morris County as well as Bergen County, our attorneys strive for division-of-assets outcomes that enable our clients to move forward from divorce with stability and hope. To discuss your financial concerns and other aspects of your divorce with an acknowledged leader in the legal community, schedule a consultation at our firm.