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Child Support in New Jersey

The New Jersey Rules of Court describe the philosophy of the Child Support Guidelines as follows:

  1. Child support is a continuous duty of both parents,
  2. Children are entitled to share in the current income of both parents, and
  3. Children should not be the economic victims of divorce or out-of-wedlock birth.

With that philosophy in mind, child support in New Jersey is premised on a public policy of ensuring that both parents financially support their children. Typically, both parents’ ability to pay support for their child(ren) is calculated based upon the basis of their income, ability to earn, and asset portfolio. Sometimes a parent may stop paying child support for a number of reasons — this could lead to a situation requiring payment of past due child support, commonly known as child support arrears.

The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines govern the amount to be paid by a parent. Among the many expenses considered by the Guidelines, is the cost of a child’s clothing, entertainment, housing, food, healthcare, transportation and more.

A child’s age may affect how much is to be paid by each parent. For example, there is no fixed age in the state of New Jersey as to when support must stop. If however, your child turns the age of eighteen and/or becomes financially independent, then either or both parents may file papers with the court requesting that the child support order be modified or terminated. A new statue was recently passed that states that child support ends at nineteen unless a child is un-emancipated. A presumption exists that all children under the age of eighteen need support. It is unusual that support continues until a child graduates college, however the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines do not apply to, and therefore do not control the amount of support to be paid for a child attending college and residing at the school.

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