Child Custody & Parenting Time

Child Custody Lawyers in Bergen & Morris County, NJ

Any divorce with children calls for knowledgeable legal advocacy. New Jersey Courts will place the “best interests” of the children above all other concerns. Hiring representation dedicated to helping you assess all your options and resolve disputed issues in an effective, child-centered way is critical.

At the respected Hackensack family law firm Arons & Solomon, P.A., with offices in Bergen County and Morris County, six experienced child custody attorneys stand ready to provide you the in-depth personal attention you deserve. Applying decades of focused effort in collaborative practice, settlement negotiations, mediation and divorce litigation, we can help you envision and achieve outcomes that work well for your children and for you.

Crafting Tailored, Workable Solutions That Enable Families to Move Forward

Couples whose marital relationships have broken down often need help getting past raw emotions and looking at their children’s needs objectively. Our lawyers are creative and resourceful in building compelling cases to fulfill mothers’ and fathers’ goals involving:

  • Residential custody, which may provide for children to live with one parent and spend specific parenting time with the other, or to split time on a near-equal basis between the two households
  • Legal custody, which grants a voice in major decisions involving children and is most commonly shared between both parents except in extenuating circumstances
  • Child support orders and other financial considerations that will profoundly influence the parties’ lives after divorce
  • Problems after divorce that may justify modification of custody and/or parenting time orders

Education, Counsel and Advocacy to Protect Your Most Vital Relationships

In the great majority of divorce cases we handle, we strive for settlements that keep both loving, supportive parents closely involved in kids’ daily lives.

At the same time, we know that you may have valid, pressing reasons to seek primary physical custody, for example, or that the demands of your career may require development of a detailed parenting plan. We have decades of experience handling the most complex and sensitive challenges, including those involving allegations of domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health issues.

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To discuss your goals involving your children with an attorney who will hear you out, present viable options and help you navigate all steps in the legal process, contact our firm today.